Upcoming Shooting Events


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I'm reviving this bitch ! 3 gun ! Tomorrow ! If you have a man card you should go . If you like chicks and like to chase them , then you should come . If you got a shotgun , semi auto pistol and some kind of semi auto rifle come out ! If you drink beer warm because you don't give a fuck, then come check it out . Stop at Titan ammunition in Sparks on the corner of Stanford and Greg , get some ammo and come out. Even if it's just to watch, cause I know most of you like to just watch . It's at the Washoe range. Check WNPL.org and check out some of the info. ..... oh and more than likely , no chicks will be there. However NvShooter will be in his team uniform
If your making beer at home and you've purchased a new reloader and can't afford to reload for shooting, you should bring free beer and help setup/tear down.

Wnpl is is a LOT of fun even for a first time shooter. Just bring what you have and they will find a "class" to put you in. 90% chance you'll finish top 50% if your goal is to have fun and finish.


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I agree.. lots of fun to be had. If your gonna shoot 3 gun we appreciate people to help setup. So 8 would be great. The more the merrier.. If you like to watch then you can come after 10 and the shooting starts around then. Check WNPL.org for info .