Update on Eldorado Canyon


Coming in from the Dayton, side, it's a nice trail, plenty of rocks and you can choose easy or hard obstacles, up to the wind cave area. But much caution after that, a short ways past the wind caves it turns into steep muddy mess that once you slide down into, good luck getting back up either direction. Zero traction, steep uphill gooey mess you can barely walk in, and off-camber angles to put into the creek bed below.

If you like zero traction mud, erosion ruts 2-3' deep that go for 1/4 mile while being steep uphill climbs while dragging your axles and keeping tires off the ground, then here you go. Come in from the Carson side, Johnson Lane. Winches, chain, and more chain. And don't expect to actually walk up the hills, it's soo slick and gooey you just slide to the bottom. But if you want a challenge, there it is.


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Yet once it dries out it’s n easy crawl. Powerful Mother Nature. Tnx for report.


Well that one off camber section is still nasty and wet. We made it across by going a little higher where it was dry. As you know, lifted rigs would be very prone to rolling over or sliding down into the riverbed. But thats if you are coming from the Dayton side.

While the steep muddy sections are gooey right now, there are quite a few off camber sections where gravity slides you to the lowest side and into more trouble. If someone does go to the bottom of this area, make a video. Guaranteed, no one is driving up and out right now. But it is a heck of a work out, go burn some calories. This is from the Johnson Lane side, where this uphill section (you would have to go down to the bottom then turn around and come back out unless you came in from Dayton) is mud only and no rocks.

In 2 months, it's merely a 2wd uphill bumpy climb.