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Become a Reno4x4.com supporter. Upgrade you membership!!!

  1. Forum Search.
  2. Reno4x4 Arcade
  3. Pager
  4. Attachments - upload UNLIMITED amount of pictures directly from your hard drive into your posts.
  5. 25Mb Gallery space (up from 3Mb)
  6. 500 Private Messages with message tracking (up from 50)
  7. Custom Avatars - Use your own custom avatar which you can upload to our server from your hard drive.
  8. Custom User Pictures - Access to upload your own 300x300 picture which can be seen in your profile.
  9. No signature restrictions - No limits on size and ability to include images.
  10. Custom User Title - Change the text under your name to whatever you want it to be.
  11. Delete Posts - You can delete your posts and threads whenever you want.
  12. Email any other forum user directly through the board.
  13. Add/Edit Calendar Events.
  14. Rate Other Users.
  15. Eligible for raffles and give-aways by vendors.

Or for those of you that don't have PayPal, PM me through the board and we can arrange the payment.

NEW!!! By popular demand, now there's a "lifetime member" subscription. For $150 you get 30 years (software limitation) of using all member benefits of Reno4x4, plus you receive a t-shirt and a decal. (And cool green username font)
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