Upper Pole Creek open NOW, just until sept 1

The Tahoe Donner 4 wheelers along with the US Forest Service opened upper pole creek today. Paul and I went along for the work detail. We cut some downed trees, trimmed the bushes and put in some Carsonite markers. Great day of four wheeling.

This trail is amazing.
recommend a short wheelbase rig as the switchbacks are really tight.

89 out of truckee going towards the lake, 6.1 miles up from McDonalds. It loops back onto cabin creek trail and comes back to 89 near the dump.


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Did this trail a few years ago with a group here. Nice easy trail, gorgeous scenery. I only remember one tight switchback that a full size truck had problems. He made but with a little damage I think.

So when are we getting a run together?


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I've driven it and hiked it, is an old downed plane up there and there's an old wooden in ground food shelter hidden on a knoll' and some really cool rock specimens, and old Indian stuff, bears, lahonatan cutthroat trout and and...yeah the one tight switchback for a full size is questionable.
It on my list a spots to get rocks this summer...