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I've stumbled across a very useful resource for anyone looking for Toyota part diagrams. These are, of course, the perfect complement to the factory service manuals. Often a part numbers are essential if doing a restoration or if you need to replace a must-have bolt that got mangled during repairs or just a hard to find part?

:jawdrop: :woot2:

This site has diagrams for 30 Toyota models, from the 4Runner to Yaris; very recent model years too.

looks like Toyota never made a 4runner or truck before 1990, or any vehicle for that matter...

Okay, okay... so the root of the catalog does not have direct links to pre-90s diagrams. So, here's how you find them.
  1. Find your VIN
  2. Enter your VIN at Toyota Parts Zone

    1. Select a section and component category:

    2. Click the 'Get Info' button, or the link, found just under the heading for the 'Parts Listing' section:

      1. A pop-up window will display a link to view the corresponding diagram from


      2. Enjoy!

It's not hard to see the value in having this information available, especially on the Web. Personally I'll be harvesting them for my flash drive

I hesitate posting this as sometimes Toyota hassles site owners and ISPs :( Hopefully they'll leave this one be. I would like to see it online for many years to come. I have a feeling that I'll be a regular visitor.

Here's some links to a network of OEM parts sites. You can search by VIN or part number:

Hope this helps someone. I'm diggin' it. :best:
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looks like toyota never made a 4runner or truck before 1990, or any vehicle for that matter...i must own one of those super rare german toyotas