Vegas to Reno race results


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Check out the little side story on Sam. :D

Our H2 Chief Mechanic is Sam Cothrun, owner of Samco Fabrication in Reno, Nevada.

Sam is a 26 year-old native of Reno where he graduated from Wooster High in 1997. When he was 14, Sam bought a 1972 Ford Bronco, which he still uses for off-roading and rock crawling. He rebuilt the Bronco and after high school went to work in a four-wheel drive shop. In 1998, Sam was hired on at Rod Hall International, and worked on building a series of highly modified HUMVEEs for the military. His attention to detail and fabrication skills did not go unnoticed by Rod Hall and Sam was invited to co-ride with him in the Y2K ?Baja 2000?. He has been chief mechanic on the Class 4100 team ever since and shares time in the co-rider seat with Thad Stump.

In the following year Sam opened his own business, Samco Fabrication, where he specializes in fabrication for pre-runners, 4WD vehicles and rock crawlers. Sam designs, builds and installs roll cages, suspension components, lift kits and does gear and locker installations. He also preps the Team HUMMER H2 at his shop. To learn more about Samco Fabrication online, visit Sam has one sister and two brothers.

One of his brothers, Wilbur, is also a Team HUMMER crew member and is featured on the page four sidebar.

Sam lives in Sparks with his wife Christine and their two year-old daughter, Isabel.


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Denis said:
and shop decoration. :D
Daayyyum! Denis you beat me to it!!!
:rofl: :beer: Heres to your recent racing successes Sambo. And heres to your Bronco:thefinger :thefinger :thefinger


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Great story sambo, I am glad to hear you are having success. Heres to Samco Fab and the trophy truck weave :beer:
P.S. I left a love note on your truck tonight at walmart ;)


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Denis said:
I saw Sambo truck on N. McCarran today with some couch in the back. :eek:
The trail wrecker was headed out to MR to dump that thing. He figures that if he wrecks all the trails and gets them closed then he will never actually have to put his booty fab Bronco together to go wheeling.

Samco Fab

Great Job everyone, :thefinger. Humiliate me into working on that thing. I was just looking at it yesterday, I dont really have that much to do to it to get it dialed. I need someone to crack the whip:slap:


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Consider the whip cracked:buttkick: If you don't get that thing put together soon you will become the 5th member of the Butt Pirates:thefinger