velvetant made me do it


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sweeeettt! cant wait to see those things....I would like to compare them size wise to the 35" retreads i get whenever i get them


Well I got the 35s on today! First impressions are it drives pretty good on the street. About equal to the MT/R's right now but I fear that will change with time (because they are super swampers of course)

The bad thing is they took A LOT of weight to balance. The tire guy kept shaking his head, either he was suprised, or disgusted. One wheel took almost 1 LB of weights to balance!

Tomorrow I'm breaking out the black spray paint, because with them weights on the wheels, I'm all blingin! :crazy:

Velvetant and Cutthroat what tire pressure are you running at on the street? I put mine at 28 psi which seemed about right.


xjmoser said:
Cant wait to see it with 35s. How is the power now?

Around town its not bad at all - and not as bad as I thought it would be. On the highway not too bad either, kind of like 31's with stock gears. You sure can tell that they are heavy tires though. Before they were mounted we weighed them at about 70 lbs each (all tire, no wheel). I'll be weighing my un-mounted 33" MT/R tomorrow to compare.

As expected, more rotating mass = less effective breaking. I couldn't imagine it without the rear discs...


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I saw 'em get put on. When that jeep finally sat on its new tires, it made mine like like a baby :) They're sweet tires, thats for sure