Water cooleed best of everything


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Water cooled full size case - all super nice components cost me over 2k - desperate for money so ill take best offer call and text 7753608128
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i5 cpu - 8 gb ram - saphire radion video card but have others for upgrade - 4tb of diisk space- its a gaming computer but you could use it as a server too just let me know and Ill put on the appropiate operating system- Ive run server on ths without a problem and Ive run win 10 without a problem for gaming - will setup as you need - jsut let me know 775-369-8128
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John no offense but your post makes it difficult to understand what exactly you are selling. I believe it is a computer since it's in the computers and technology forum but it could be a server or many other things. Any specs? May help sale.

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