Welding gas tank exchange


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How do exchanges work? Can I buy a tank private party and just bring it into a shop for an exchange? I’ve only bought CO2 and BrewChatter swapped those out no questions asked. I would think it’s the same for welding gases. I haven’t called any shops in town obviously because I don’t NEED a tank...yet. Just curious if I am given a tank that’s out of date if I should grab it as an exchange, or if shops must have ‘their’ tanks because ‘they’ certified them blah blah blah.


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If you buy a private party tank, they will do an exchange but likely charge you to hydro test the tank ($35ish iirc). I usually use Sierra Welding Supply/Praxair off Glendale. Always a fairly easy process.
I have a couple tanks, and use a couple different places. They swap with no issues. I think I have the second biggest size and its just over $100 to fill.


What size tank?
Where do you exchange your tank at and what does it cost?
Do you remember what you paid for your tank?
Not sure what size they call it. It is about 4' tall and 8" round. I bought it 20 years ago with welder from Craigslist.
Sierra welding if I remember, was like $50-60. It lasts me year or two since I don't weld that much.


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I called Praxair and they said I could swap a CO2 tank for a weld gas tank. I was quoted from another shop a purchase price of $200+ for a tank 80 cu ft and above, and that wasn't full. I vastly underestimated the price of getting setup for MiG welding. Matheson didn't answer and I didn't leave a message just to get a price.

@zadar sounds like a 125 cu ft tank.

Unsure how reliable this one is, but it's probably close to the price of buying it locally.