what kind of tent do you have


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just wondering what kind of tents people have tried and used..good and bad weather use...i have a cheep one thats 9'x12' ..its been a great tent except when the weather gets bad...


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I believe I have the 4 person model tent from Atuffy. The best part is you can set it up completely drunk in the dark in less than 5 minutes, it takes you longer to get it out of the bag than to actually set it up.



floor ya

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i have used this coleman alot for the past 5 or 6 years and it has been great and never leaked untill this past weekend. had bad wind and rain at 8000 feet and in the morning there was a frickin lake in the tent. i will be getting a new one before this elk hunting season.:sick:


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We are in the market for a new family tent. I have 2 small tents, a 2 man Eureka and a 1 man Sierra Designs, but I just sold our 3 room Coleman cause I hated the way it was designed. I'd like a nice one room, large 6-8 person tent that has a small area for storage space, and won't break the bank.


Yea, its got a Cummins
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I cant find any pics, but when I dont use my camper, I have my 2 person tent..

Got it on Craigslist for 150. The north Face Tents are pricy!!!! So I got a good deal

It looks similar to this



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see now this is where you guys go wrong...if you have a couple more brews, oyu can just past out in the car (make sure keys are no where on persons or in car) and don't even have to roll out the sleppin bag :thumbsup:


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Warm weather...Tarp or hammock

Cold weather...Tarp or hammock.

I'm not real picky, but if someone brings a tent, I'll sleep in it. I would, however, love to get an ultralight 2 person backpacking tent.


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My tent really depends on what Im wearing when I go to bed, cause I pitch a tent every morning.:thumbsup:


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Can't find any pictures of it online, but my girlfriend and I bought an Eddie Bauer one from Target. It's a 5 person tent, standard two pole dome with a third pole for an extra space/side door and one poll for the rain fly.

This thing has worked great for the past 3 years, room for extra people and gear. It's survived leak free for every rain storm we've been in, including a June rain/hail storm in Dog Valley this year.


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easy to setup, easy to keep clean, water never leaked during the 5-day rain event in Downieville 2008. with the rain-fly on, it's dark.

the next tent will be Springbar. :D

just be sure to buy "made in usa." tents are like most things in life, quality is not cheap and will last much longer than the wally-world alternative.

this is the tent ive been looking at...great price and does what i want in a 3 day home


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I have had a Coleman dome tent for about 10 years now. It is the only one I have now. Used to have about 3 or 4 at any one time; large family tents down to small one man 3 season technical tents. My tenting days are not nearly as frequent as they used to be but still enjoy it.


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I am a costco 4 man. Works well only used when not in the 5er or if its raining on the trail. Other wise a cot under the stars is my style