What would make you come out to a Rock Crawling event?


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Or at least a wet tshirt contest.

I like natural courses better but they need to be set up for good spectator viewing and easy access
I agree, spectator access is important and the more of the course you can see from one spot the better. And of course strippers are always a good thing !


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For me to watch rock crawling is about the same as watching paint dry. I would rather just take a drive through the country and enjoy nature.

That Guy

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I know its an old thread.......

Change the FORMAT....make it about lowest time wins....do 6 classes by # of cylinders and tire size(37 and under 4-6-8cyl)...(38 and over 4-6-8cyl....) set doable coarses with an obstacle or two you gotta drive your rig to get up.....or may fail if you dont.... fun to watch.... so crowd participation will be higher....


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I could really see me going to a rock crawling event if they had naked hot chicks passing out free beer and food! Hell I'd even pay to see that!