Where to go for Powder-Coating


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j33p3r said:
Does anybody have a good hook up for powder-coating
Thanks in advanced.

i had my rocker panels powdercoated at Line-X on McCarran and Glendale.
they did a good job, but if i were to do it again, i would have just spraypainted them.


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powder coating in reno is crap... there are 3 places and i only remember the name of like 1... theres one off of mill street, the powder man on marietta way(between glendale and greg) and one over by.. crap.. i forgot already... anyways, last spring, i was looking for powdercoating for my rocker guards.. the 2 places except the powderman wanted like 100 for each one, for a total of 200..screw that... then the powder man wanted 100 for all of them, saying that everyone else were a bunch of ripoff artists- i talked to the owner, his only problem is that you have to wait like 2 months before you can get anything into his shop... so then the question is.. why is everyone so much more? and then why is he so much less? does he do a crappy job? probably not since he has a US military contract, but who wants to wait in line behind army tanks for 2 months getting something powdercoated..

i said screw it, since i paid like 200 for the guards custom made to my exact specifications, and with much better protection than any other one on the market... if i went and got them powdercoated i would have doubled the price, and been worried about doing the only thing to them that they are there for.... bashing them against rocks... so 10 dollars later, i spray bombed them and called it good... theyre rusting out a little right now after winter so im going to go and use the rest of my paint and a few hours out of my saturday to clean them up again for atleast one more season.. but again.. it depends on what your doing it for- protection is a no no... because your just going to scratch that coat that you just spent way too much money on or spent way too much time in line for... also powdercoating can rust underneath anyways still... spray bomb.. what does my bumper look like? i spent 20 on that one getting it painted since i got smart and primered it first(unlike my rocker guards)(ill do it right next time with them- primer then paint).. then took some nice krylon textured black paint... looks like powdercoat, comes off... but super easy to touch up.. and cheap