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Hey all, New to Reno coming from Kansas City via a short stint in the Bay area. I inherited an XJ from a friend that passed, so it's my duty to go on adventures he no longer can do. It's my second XJ and is currently stock, but I'll be lifting and putting on 31-32"'s shortly. Looking forward to the great trails the west offers, meeting new folks, and building up a new rig.


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Summer I’m from Az but husband is in military! We travel all over the place and are currently in fallon till late August ! We travel to Cali, az etc just did fordyce today! Always up for a run! We have a 17 built jku an a 2012 one ton build. Right now we have the jku with us!! Can’t wait to see y’all out an about


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FNG here. Hoping to find group (existing or interested) to slowly but surely setup shooting in BLM area. A community range if allowed. I want to contribute clearing area of brush and put good steel targets.


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Greetings all, FNG living in Fernley, moved from Arizona last November for a job.......

Got a couple jeeps and love to explore, ghost town hunt and check out history.