Who rebuilds shocks in town ?


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If it's just replacing seals, etc I can do it, if you're looking for re-valve, definitely talk to Phil @ LMF

willys dave

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Thank You guys, they don't need to be revalved, just rebuilt. They have been on my Jeep for 12 years ! lol I live in S.S. and would rather have them done locally. Dennis, I'll give you a call. I need some fab work done also.


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I do and have two sets of fox 2.0 seals in stock. New seals and a charge runs $65 per shock. 217-202-8197
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I know it’s a drive, and he has been mentioned.

I dropped a set of coilovers off at Liberty Performance April 23. I received an email they’re done today. Last time I talked to him he said there were 30 ahead of me so this gives you a rough estimate of his turn around. I told him they didn’t have to be done tomorrow, but they could sit on my shelves completed just as good as on the side of his house waiting to be finished. I believe he had to wait for parts to come in because my coilovers were missing a LOT…like pretty much everything making them a coil over shock.