Wind Fairing for roof rack?

Gizmatical Fuquad

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run real lights...



1400 watts of real light sucking amp drawing power!

These are the exact lights that will be going on my WJ to act as a fairing for the rack that will be built by Deluxx. I need to do some work on the lights first.


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Repainted it with Rubberized Undercoating for waterproof-ness, rust prevention, and vibration reduction. Painted all the square tubing bases as well, as they had already started to show rust. The paint also got rid of the "home depot erector set" look of the thing. I adjusted the fairing mounts so the plastic conforms more to the curvature of the roof, for better air-dam effect.



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Looks like you took a wing made for a honda, and put it on your roof rach with duct tape, but that's my opinion. I don't see this thing giving you any extra mpg's at all. if you want to save fuel, take the rack off.