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My wife and I have recently been on a wine kick. I'm a lifer beer drinker and she a bourbon and soda drinker but we decided to give it a try after seeing the movie "Sideways" ANyone seen it? pretty good movie with Paul Giamatti ( Pig Vomit in Private Parts) and Thomas Hayden Church (Wings) where they spend THC's last weekend as a bachelor driving thru Sonoma wine country and get housed all weekend on fermented grapes. So weve been going to Safeway and gettting wine by the six pack, six bottles at a time, mix and match. Anyway I never really was much of a wine drinker but now that we're actually putting something into it it isnt all that bad, and a couple of glasses and I am buzzed :eek: as my mother would say maybe I'm just finally getting some couth :disagree: never fear though if you see me on the trail I'll have a good 'ol can of Hamms or Oly, whatevers in season :D

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Where in the world did you find Hamms and Olympia?????
Thought they were both out of business along with Schlitz and Old Milwalkee.... :eek:


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Well I'm north of Portland and Hamms is readily available as is Oly for the most part but I dont know who is brewing Oly now, and yes the old Oly brewery was shut down a few years ago. Why oh why :(


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I grew up in the PNW. How about Lucky Lager, is it still around? Loved it.

I drank Hieldberg when I was in HS, at something like $2 a twelve pack, we could afford it back then.

Wine is good on occasion, my problem is I drink it like beer. :disagree:


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i liked Sideways, but i lost some sympathy for Paul's character when he stole $ from his mother... Funny flick otherwise.