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2" can be done very easily and cheap. 2" spacers up front, 2" blocks in the back, new shocks. Don't need SYE for that small of a lift. Fits 31s.

For over 3" I would go with new control arms. Over 4.5" I would go with long arms.


No plan to do heavy off roading so just need 2-3" to put decent wheels/tires.
Is that 2" spacer under spring?
Would need 2" longer shocks, right? Who makes good ones?
Don't mind spending money to do it right.


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I've done it multiple ways. Here is my recommendation if you want to keep on a budget.

1. Get some ZJ v8 springs. These will add about an inch and add some needed firmness to the ride.
2. Get another set of XJ rear springs, cut the eyes off the rear main spring and add to your rears. This will also add some firmness to the ride and eliminate the XJ squat they develop.

At this point you have an inch and a better riding jeep. You can run 30 or 31 tires right now. A great combo for a DD and light trails.

Next, add a 2" budget boost with spacers on front and longer shackles on rear. Yes you will need longer shocks. Procomp has some decent inexpensive ones. This with the steps above will give you 3"ish and clear 31s nicely. No SYE needed, but you may notice some driveline vibes and a 1" spacer in the transfer case crossmember bolts can cure this.

I ran the above setup for over a year and honestly wish I'd left it there. I rode well, drove great, handled the dirt road exploring just great, and was cheap.

If you do the rear blocks and front spring spacers they ride mushy and sag in the back.


Would you have part number for those ZJ springs? Or length and rate?
Yes it does need to be little firmer, it is like boat now :)


Springs are cheap, rather buy brand new ones.
I looked on mopar site but did not see the ones for V8, will have to research some more.