Yamaha or Honda generator


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Everyone talk about Hondas but I kinda like the Yamaha because you can shut the fuel off and let it run out of fuel to kill the motor. Anyone have experience with either?

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I have no experience with the yamaha, so, I'm pretty one sided, but, used to use the Honda eu1000 on our 21 foot boat, man that thing was quite....nothing like microwaving up a jimmy dean breakfast sandwich in the middle of the mothball fleet when your out fishing

it always started first or second pull, no matter what. I used to work at a small engine repair shop, and, you come to appreciated that fact, cause, a lot of older generators will take 10-15 pulls sometimes


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I've had good luck with my Yamaha 2000i super quiet and has the economy mode that only ramps the rpm to what's needed. It's always started on the first pull. But all the Hondas I've been around seemed to be great as well. I don't think you can go wrong either way


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have the eu2000 and love it-- especially in whisper mode. newver more than two pulls and she fires right up-- even after sitting for many months.

Carlos Murphy

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I'm on my third HONDA EU2000i and love it.
The first two I sold with my travel trailer, the new owner made an offer for the generators I couldn't refuse so I kept my eye out for one on C-L and snapped one up for $750.00.

Carlos Murphy

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Honda ES-3500 generator

Honda ES-3500 for sale.

Has electric start and is in very good condition, runs great.

I don't know the year or hours run.

Email for pics.


Sorry, I ment to start a new thread.

Carlos Murphy

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No, you may be thinking of the Honda EU2000i, this one is the older 3500 watt Honda ES.
I have a Honda EU2000i (super quiet) with many extras for $1,400.00

Carlos Murphy

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Yes you can but dose it come with a,
6 gallon extended run fuel tank with custom hardware.
2 12 volt charging jacks.
custom oil change extension tube.
Honda Handy Cart.
Honda cover.?

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Has anyone tried the one at Costco yet? It's a 2000w for 500 bucks. I don't think it would run the AC in my camper but I am still tempted to at least try it for the price....and the great return policy!